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Four Types of Editing

Editing is an investment of time and money. It can begin early in the developmental process of your work and continue through your completed project. Editing isn’t something that is only done after many revisions and a few days before you want … [read more]

More Services

 Don't postpone what you want to accomplish. If you have a story in you (and we all do) and want it written down, you have come to the right place. Often writers need help other than editing. If you need support getting started in your project … [read more]

Learn to Write Well Now – The Blog


Proofreading for Consultants: Catch Your Errors

Proofreading for Consultants   Have you been hired as a consultant in your field?  Do you have the experience, … [read more]

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Good Grammar Every Day

March 4th is National Grammar Day. Every year on this day word-nerds and writers honor Grammar. Without grammar guidelines, … [read more]

Writing is Difficult

Hire a Writing Coach When Writing Becomes Difficult

"Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."        … [read more]

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Writing: A Matter of Luck?

The other day I was telling a friend that my essay was not selected by a magazine.  I remarked that “it is just my bad … [read more]

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Revision: Taking Your Book From “Okay” to “Great”

Revisions: Take Your Book From “Okay” to “Great” 1. After finishing your first draft, put it aside for a few … [read more]

Fresh eyes

Editing With Fresh Eyes

I was asked by the Scholarship Committee of the AAUW Roseville-South Placer Branch to edit a flyer intended for students at … [read more]