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About Marsha Ross, M.Ed., M.A.

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“I sent you to college to learn something and this is how you write?” scrawled my mother across a note I had mailed to her in my first weeks of college. She had red-lined my note, correcting spelling and punctuation. My mother was a secretary with the skills of an eagle-eye editor. After she did this editing thing to me several times, I decided to phone her every few days.

Not until I created a psychology project in my freshman year did I learn the value of proofreading. I had developed a questionnaire, mimeographed 100 copies to give students, and submitted my results to the professor. I was dinged on my final grade because I had misspelled “questionnaire” every time. Since that unfortunate experience, I use a dictionary.

I am a skilled editor who personally works with those who write for business or pleasure or both.  I have book-editing experience mostly in book-length memoir and fiction. On the business side, I have experience in short and long reports, proposals, and marketing materials.

I bring to your material a positive attitude, a desire for you to succeed, and warm interpersonal skills. Together we become a team holding your goals in our view.

My work is excellent quality as reported in testimonials of my clients. I meet your deadlines and honor our contractual agreements. As we work together, at times I become your teacher – explaining why I suggest certain changes. At other times, I become your student as I listen to your needs.

Although we might not live in the same community, I make every effort to meet you in person, or on Skype or on the phone. You are more than a word count to me! However far apart we are geographically, we can be seamlessly linked together electronically.

My career in proofreading and editing began as a teacher with my students’ papers.  With a specialty in English, I helped hundreds polish their writing. In business, I spent 25 years creating and proofreading reports, proposals, and marketing materials.  My public speaking engagements taught me how to capture an audience’s attention. In 2003, I expanded my business to include proofreading and editing services to authors and businesses.  Some of my former clients are now with traditional publishers or with Amazon and Kindle.

As a writer I am critically aware that everything must be examined for accuracy before the public sees it.  I hold two Masters Degrees that demanded intense writing skills.  I hold a full membership in Editor Freelance Association. I am a member of the California Writers Club, The Sacramento Suburban Writers Club,  The National Association of Memoir Writers, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Gold Country Writers, She Writes, and have had affiliate training with Amherst Writers and Artists.  I participate in weekly writers’ groups. I have written and published non-fiction, fiction, poetry and short-short stories.

I provide accurate and affordable editing services for you.

I live near Sacramento, California where I enjoy writing, RVing, and working in my garden.