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“Writing Success” ad nauseam

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“Writing Success” Ad Nauseam   ~Sage~ / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND I’ve had it. Done. Enough. I’m deleting all the emails I subscribe to regarding how to be a successful writer and marketer. Every day I get a dozen emails soliciting me to read, buy a download, sign up for a teleseminar, podcast, and newsletter… [read more]

Be Well Read To Improve Your Writing

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A Be Well Read To Improve Your Writing Recently I was taking a road trip up the northern California/Oregon coast. When I reached Lincoln City, the weather had turned cloudy, cool and damp. Instead of combing the beach I headed for antique shops along the main street through town. In the last ten years of… [read more]

Proofreading for Consultants: Catch Your Errors


Proofreading for Consultants   Have you been hired as a consultant in your field?  Do you have the experience, knowledge and background to provide valuable and needed information to others? If so, you will be referred to others if your clients are pleased with your work. Most consultants generate verbal and written information. What can… [read more]

Travel: A Chance to Reflect and Plot A Story

With warmer weather approaching, you may be making travel plans. I know I am reviewing maps and RVing books. What travel ideas do you have? When I am on the road, I begin to create plots for my next story or book. I take in the various settings – a small town, woods, fast moving… [read more]

Many Forms of Legacy Writing


Many Forms of Legacy Writing When you think of Legacy Writing, don’t think of it as writing a memoir; it isn’t. Legacy Writing can be brief and to the point. Many people prefer it that way – short pieces of writing that focus on what is important to you. No, this is not an essay… [read more]