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Four Types of Editing

Writing is DifficultEditing is an investment of time and money.

It can begin early in the developmental process of your work and continue through your completed project. Editing isn’t something that is only done after many revisions and a few days before you want the document printed.

Editing is an involved process that demands you to be open-minded along with the eyes of a professional editor (not your mother or your good friend).

A good editor becomes a writer’s best friend when you two are on the same page; a special relationship is formed.

There are four levels of book-editing:

#1: Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing helps you:

  • Develop the story concept
  • Outline and research
  • Evaluate style
  • Reach your target audience with your purpose

#2: Content (Substantive) Editing

Content (Substantive) Editing helps you:

  • Evaluate the structure and flow of the material chapter by chapter
  • Identify areas of weakness, inconsistency, confusion
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of reaching your target audience

#3: Copyediting

Copyediting/Line Editing helps you:

  • Edit every sentence for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, syntax, typos
  • Tighten up your word usage
  • Note areas that need revision
  • Find inconsistencies in style, tone, organization

Plan to copy edit twice!

#4: Proofreading

Proofreading helps you:

  • Catch errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation (especially in revisions and new text)
  • Check formatting of headings, chapters, tables, graphs
  • Check the manuscript after the book goes to the designer

Plan to proofread 3 times!

These four levels of editing should be kept separate and in sequence. This allows the editor to focus on one level and go in depth.

Whether you are an author, writer, or business professional, you will benefit by having a professional editor. Your work will have the competitive edge you need to be successful.

Which level of editing do you need?

Book Authors will use all levels of editing beginning with an outline of the fiction or non-fiction.

English Learners will improve their text and writing skills with copy editing and proofreading services. I will not only correct your errors but also explain why the changes need to be made.

Professionals will benefit from the content editing, copy editing and proofreading so that reports, training manuals, and brochures will be clearly understood and without flaws. My work includes proofreading your material that you outsource. This saves you time and money.

What is unique about collaborating with me on your project?

I listen to you. I collaborate with you. I meet with you in person, on the phone, or online. I’ll be honest with you if you ask my opinion. In these difficult times, you need to have your written work represent you well. Written errors are costly. I care about your success.

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