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Legacy Writing


What Is Legacy Writing?

You might have a recipe from your grandma or a picture of your great grandfather. But what do you know about these relatives? What did they love? Value? What were their challenges? Skills? Talents? What brought them joy? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know more about them and what legacy they might have passed on to you?

The goal of legacy writing is to freely put your stories, thoughts and feelings into a gift that will be preserved for perpetuity.

In legacy writing, you look at your life to see what you stand for and how you make a difference in someone’s life. It’s about sharing the richness of what you learned from your successes and failures. Your legacy transfers from one generation to another your values, vision, love, beliefs, and wisdom. A written legacy brings great joy, understanding, and inspiration to others.

Ask yourself, “What do I know now that may make a difference to my children in years to come? Drawing on my life experiences, what may help their understanding about life, living, loving, faith, God, family, community and country?”

Your life is interesting; you have much to share. You are fine just as you are so don’t judge yourself. Your written legacy is your extraordinary gift to future generations. Keep your unique story accurate and alive.

How Legacy Writing Benefits You:

  • Provides a freely given gift from your heart and in your own words
  • Celebrates your personal and professional growth
  • Satisfies the need for connection
  • Provides an opportunity for personal reflection
  • Satisfies the need for contribution – family values and history
  • Reflects on what you still want to do in your life

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