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Proofreading for Consultants: Catch Your Errors

ATT0000337Proofreading for Consultants


Have you been hired as a consultant in your field?  Do you have the experience, knowledge and background to provide valuable and needed information to others? If so, you will be referred to others if your clients are pleased with your work. Most consultants generate verbal and written information. What can go wrong with this?

As you speak with your client, your words need to be accurate and precise. But that is not sufficient if you use poor grammar. A misused word or a mispronounced word will grate on the ears of listeners. For example, “The trench should have went six feet further.” Did you catch two mistakes in that simple sentence?

There are no excuses for poor grammar and speaking habits. Don’t say that you didn’t learn correct English in school. If the truth is that you didn’t learn correct English, learn it now.

Often a written report is given to a client. Perhaps you were “forgiven” for speaking poorly but your written word is a permanent document. One mistake reduces your credibility in the eyes of the client. One. Just one. As a consultant you are expected to know the details. This includes every detail in your written report.

Most writers overlook their errors when they proofread their own document. Why? The brain knows what it wants to say so it fills in the gaps – like a missing word. Another pair of eyes can proofread and spot errors – only if that person is trained to look at the minutiae in a report. Use a proofreader as “insurance” for your business. It’s well worth it.



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