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Writing With Dorothy Allison

Writing with Dorothy Allison

Some things are meant to be. Four days before the Wet Mountain Valley Writers’ Workshop, I received a call saying that there was a cancellation in Dorothy Allison’s writing workshop and would I like to attend. After shrieking “yes” I made my reservations to fly into Colorado Springs, paid my fees and submitted 12 pages… [read more]

Revision: Taking Your Book From “Okay” to “Great”

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Revisions: Take Your Book From “Okay” to “Great” 1. After finishing your first draft, put it aside for a few weeks. Take a break. Go dancing. Before you revise, you need to create some emotional distance from your manuscript 2. Return to your first draft and begin to re-work it chapter by chapter. This is… [read more]

Write, Edit, Publish? Wrong Way. Revise!

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  Write, Edit, Publish? Wrong Way.  Revise! If you are taking a trip, it’s a good idea to know where you are going and why you want to take the journey. Usually you make a plan or map out your points along the road. You may decide ahead of time to take a leisurely trip… [read more]

Editing With Fresh Eyes

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I was asked by the Scholarship Committee of the AAUW Roseville-South Placer Branch to edit a flyer intended for students at Sierra Community College. Although I knew the details behind the flyer, I wanted to look at it with fresh eyes – as if I were a student reading this for the first time. I… [read more]

How To Use A Book Coach

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A decade ago the only coach you knew about was an individual who worked with a sports team such as football or baseball. Since then the term “coach” has evolved into the business sector. We see executive coaches, and small business coaches assisting employees to maximize their potential. Coaching then moved to the personal arena… [read more]