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Travel: A Chance to Reflect and Plot A Story

With warmer weather approaching, you may be making travel plans. I know I am reviewing maps and RVing books. What travel ideas do you have? When I am on the road, I begin to create plots for my next story or book. I take in the various settings – a small town, woods, fast moving… [read more]

Many Forms of Legacy Writing


Many Forms of Legacy Writing When you think of Legacy Writing, don’t think of it as writing a memoir; it isn’t. Legacy Writing can be brief and to the point. Many people prefer it that way – short pieces of writing that focus on what is important to you. No, this is not an essay… [read more]

Springtime – Season Your Scenes

Spring. My favorite time of year is finally here! I’m done with cold days and dark evenings creeping in at 5 p.m. I tend to hibernate when we are on standard time. But that is behind me now. The sun wakes me up and I can sit outdoors after dinner. The evergreen pear trees and… [read more]

Seize The Gold Before It’s Too Late

Before It’s Too Late   My ex-mother-in-law, Virginia, always liked me even after I was no longer a partner with her son. Our extended family for decades has continued to gather for holidays, birthdays, and summer activities. Over the years we lost tract of how old she was. But age didn’t matter because she remained… [read more]

Your Heritage: Get Your Facts Straight


                         Your Heritage I’m always amused how many people make themselves Irish on St Patty’s Day in order to celebrate more heartily. “Oh sure, I’m Irish! Somebody in the family came from back there.” “Where was that?” I ask. “I don’t know but I was told I’m part Irish. I just don’t know which part.”… [read more]