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Writing With Dorothy Allison

Writing with Dorothy Allison

Some things are meant to be. Four days before the Wet Mountain Valley Writers’ Workshop, I received a call saying that there was a cancellation in Dorothy Allison’s writing workshop and would I like to attend. After shrieking “yes” I made my reservations to fly into Colorado Springs, paid my fees and submitted 12 pages… [read more]

Writing: A Matter of Luck?

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The other day I was telling a friend that my essay was not selected by a magazine.  I remarked that “it is just my bad luck.”  She replied, “Yes, you are just the unluckiest person I know!”  She smiled. At first I thought she was validating my statement; then I realized that she was challenging… [read more]

Revision: Taking Your Book From “Okay” to “Great”

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Revisions: Take Your Book From “Okay” to “Great” 1. After finishing your first draft, put it aside for a few weeks. Take a break. Go dancing. Before you revise, you need to create some emotional distance from your manuscript 2. Return to your first draft and begin to re-work it chapter by chapter. This is… [read more]

Write, Edit, Publish? Wrong Way. Revise!

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  Write, Edit, Publish? Wrong Way.  Revise! If you are taking a trip, it’s a good idea to know where you are going and why you want to take the journey. Usually you make a plan or map out your points along the road. You may decide ahead of time to take a leisurely trip… [read more]