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Before I had a second printing of my autobiography, From Darkness Into Light, I asked Marsha to proofread it for specific areas that I knew were weak. She did a thorough job and offered many options to update the appendix.
Louise Schnur, From Darkness Into Light

As a Certified Arborist, I submit reports to city governments regarding tree analyses and evaluations.  Before I do that, I email my reports to Marsha who edits them with a fast turn-around time. She is an asset to my business.
Kurt Stegen, Certified Arborist, Sacramento area

Marsha edited my first book, California Boy, and did a superb job. Her efforts covered the gamut of punctuation, grammar, and style. She also provided substantive feedback about the structure and organization of the material, vital information to an author. She did a great job.
Leo Craton, California Boy

After re-writing the draft of my autobiography for several years, I turned my project over to Marsha Ross. She researched data and re-wrote my manuscript in a short period of time. Without her guidance I never would have had my book self-published.
Tony F. Living A Healthy Lifestyle Through Physical Culture

Marsha sat with me for hours listening to what I wanted to say in my second non-fiction book. She polished my writing, caught all my mistakes, and was great fun to work with.
Dick Huser, My Anxiety is Better Than Your Anxiety

English is my second language and my memoir/adventure was a jumbled mess. Marsha did deep editing and re-writing so that I had an exceptional book for a Christian audience.
David Aragon, A True Armor