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Writing Workshops

Getting Into the Flow: A two-hour writing group where individuals respond to several prompts followed by reading aloud and receiving positive feedback. The goal of this workshop is to get each person doing journaling or free writing each day to create the habit of writing. This program is based on the guidelines of Amherst Writers and Authors. This workshop can be extended for several weeks with the same group of individuals.

Grammar and Punctuation Refresher: A two hour-workshop to give new writers confidence in starting their project.

How to Start Writing Your Memoir: A two-hour workshop exploring various ways to design and focus your memoir.

4 Types of Editing: How Do You Know What You Need? A two-hour discussion and hands-on workshop to show how each kind of editing helps you write clearly.

Revision: How to Do It Without Pulling Out Your Hair. A two-hour workshop using your own writing and other examples to show when and how to revise your work.

Capture Your Highpoints: A two-hour workshop to sketch the high points of your life and plan a way to put your memories and ideas into a format.

Legacy Writing Workshops

I offer my services to faith-based organizations, hospice groups, senior centers, community service organizations, parent groups, and clubs.

Intro to Legacy Writing:  One hour.  Includes introduction to legacy work, some writing exercises, topical areas and formatting options, and personal sharing.

Full Workshop:  3 Hours in order to complete a first draft. Workshop includes Legacy Writing Guide, all writing exercises and prompts, personal sharing, refreshments, and one hour of post workshop consultation.