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Writing Coach & Mentor


Benefits of Using a Writing Coach

  • Become Focused
  • Move Forward on Your Project
  • Be Held Accountable For Your Goals
  • Increased Confidence
  • Have Unbiased Support
  • Receive Honest Feedback

Coaching with me is a collaborative, one-on-one process conducted via phone, online, or in person. My goal is to support and assist you to focus, plan, and overcome challenges. Often writers need an ally to get beyond self-doubt, procrastination, or lack of accountability. Issues with money, relationships and employment can hinder the creative process.

Together, we problem-solve and trouble-shoot. I support you as you prioritize your demands so that writing becomes a part of your everyday experience, not just something you put off until you “feel inspired.”

I work either short-term or long-term with new or seasoned writers to stay on track and get out of their own way! I am reasonable and affordable.

What is unique about coaching with me? I listen to you. I write too – memoir, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I’ve been stuck and have used a coach to get through the tough spots. I’m creative, innovative, and have a wry sense of humor.

I am a Certified Life Coach (2003) by the Institute for Life Coach Training. And, with my work experience in Marriage, Family Therapy, I practice the ethics and confidentiality of the profession.

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